Designers in Residence 2022

„Designers in Residence“ is an international scholarship program of the City of Pforzheim granted to young design artists from the fields of jewelry, fashion, accessory, industrial and graphic and other areas of design. It is awarded annually in cooperation with Pforzheim University and the Design Center Baden-Wurttemberg. The jury accords three scholarships in total. From April to June 2022, the stipendiaries created their projects at EMMA – Kreativzentrum
Pforzheim and at Pforzheim University.

This exhibition summarizes the results of their three-month scholarship period: Liina Lember presents an interactive installation about light pollution, Welmoed Bosch created a fashion collection that applies new cutting techniques, and Nga Ching Ko showcases a jewelry collection that deals with empty words.

Suiting the Body

Suiting the Body proposes an alternative approach to traditional tailoring. The men’s suit has symbolic meanings which seem contradictory. It was designed in accordance with Enlightenment ideals of rationality which denounce physicality. Meanwhile, it was modelled after an ideal male body in Greek sculpture. The rejection of the physical and striving for a ‘life of the mind’ is countered by a very erotic emphasis on the body underneath.

The suit emphasizes anatomy by showing a singular interpretation of a man’s body.
The majority of our clothing is based on metric patterns: two-dimensional abstractions of the breathing body. Although tailored suits are made specifically for individuals, their bodies are still translated into garments within a pre-defined system. This causes us to perceive bodies in a fixed way.

This series uses a different method: by casting a body, the form can be unfolded and laid flat like an orange peel. Garments created from this emphasize shapes which traditional suits smooth out: protruding shoulder blades, bulging crotches and clearcut calves.

Good Words

As an inclusion in social animals, we need to choose what to say in order to be accepted in a group.

The words “good”, “cool”, and “interesting” are sometimes, most of the time, empty speech. People often speak nicely to be polite and prevent social embarrassment.
Therefore, it can be disappointing and uncomfortable when you notice the good words you get are not true.

We, humans, need to speak kindly and hide our real thoughts in some situations, especially in political and official situations, since critical and negative words are not popular to hear, some honesty can lead to trouble.
My works show the pressure of me acting kind in a social environment, and the uncomfortableness of hearing fake compliments.

Illuminated Stories

Illuminated Stories is an installation that brings attention to the alarmingly declining insect populations, the effects of light pollution on our mental and physical health, and questions our relationship with light.

The installation consists of three stories about the different experiences of light, an outdoor exploration trail and an accompanying booklet ‚Guide for Navigating Urban Lightscape‘. The exhibition provides an opportunity to experience the effects of light and gain an understanding of omnipresent light pollution.

You can find the booklet here.

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