Modular knitting

With her project “Modular knitting”, textile designer Leen Stoffels wants to set an example against the throwaway and fast fashion culture. Sustainability and environmental protection have always been a big motivation for her work. With her project, she therefore wanted to find a way to satisfy people’s need for variety and innovation while still being sustainable. By incorporating different knitting and tying techniques, Leen developed a modular system where the shape and density of the textile can be adjusted according to the function. Sustainability is not only reflected in the choice of materials – the pieces are knitted from merino wool – but also in the design of the objects and garments. Leen consciously designs wearable and usable pieces that are not only timeless but also modular and thus adaptable, hoping to reduce the consumption of products. Each object can be altered in shape and fit with the help of simple instructions and the knitted-in modular systems, transforming into garments, interior design or other utilitarian items. This is possible through the use of loops and pull systems. For example, she designed a blanket that can be transformed into a cushion or a scarf, among other things, or gauntlets that can be worn on arms, legs or even as a bag in different sizes.

Leen Stoffels

Belgium based textile designer Leen Stoffels just graduated from School of arts KASK in Gent. The main motivation for her work is the need for change in the throw-away fast fashion culture. In her masters she specialized in knitting, and thereby developed a modular system in which the shape of the textile can be adjusted according to function. Translating this technique into a garment or an object of use creates a playful interaction between the user and the object. For now Leen was able to apply this modular technique in sweaters and a bag/balaclava. During the scholarship, she would like to extend the technique to a wider variety of objects other than fashion. For example, she would like to experiment with blankets that you can transform into a seat, a cushion or something completely different.