Conference on socio-political issues in Eastern Europe

Program (the order of the program might change)

Maria Wieczorek: Journalist, Artist, Expert on polish poster art: Lecture (german) “Der Blick soll hängen bleiben“

Dr. Helena Chmielewska – Szlajfer,

Assistance Professor, Kozminski University, professorship for management on connected and digital societies: Lecture (English) “First a marathon, then a sprint. Everyday celebrations of civic engagement in Poland” and discussion with Wiktor Dyndo, artist

Marina Gržinić, Professor at the academy of arts Vienna, Philosopher, Media theorist, artist: Lecture (English) “Short INTRO in a deep history: socialism, sexuality, image politics, subculture and the world after?”

Vladimir Frelih, Artist, Professor at the academy of arts and culture in Osijek, Guest professor at academy of arts Novi Sad, Serbia, Janusz Czech, artistic manager of A.K.T; Discussion (german) about the socio-political context on the Balkan states on the basis of the installation “Symphonia”

Talk (English) with: Krišs Salmanis, Artist, Vladimir Frelih, Artist, Marina Gržinić, Professor at the academy of arts Vienna, Media theorist, Art critic and Curator, Thomas Olze, Co-Curator of the exhibiton “Nothing New in the East”, Janusz Czech, artistic manager of A.K.T;

After the Conference there will be musical program by Firat Yildiz

When: 21.10.2023, 11 am – 6 pm
Where: Salon of Cultures, EMMA – Creative Centre Pforzheim, Emma-Jaeger-Strasse 20, 75175 Pforzheim
Free admission, registration not required




7 pm

At Salon of Cultures, EMMA Creative Center Pforzheim, Emma-Jaeger-Straße 20,

75175 Pforzheim


Welcome address: Almut Benkert, Head of Department Creative Industries, WSP

Readings with Susanne Fritz, author

Introduction: Janusz Czech, artistic manager of A.K.T;

10 pm : Concert from GAISMA

21.10.23 – 14.01.24

Nothing New in the East

Part 1


21.10.2023 – 14.01.2023

*24.12.2023 – 01.01.2024 closed

The fall of the so-called “Iron Curtain” in 1989 meant reunification for Germany and, for Western Europe, it marked the end of division. From the perspective of the Eastern European countries, this series event can even be interpreted as the end of World War II. Most of its member countries had not voluntarily become members of real-socialism of the Warsaw Pact with its planned economy. From then on, the eastern countries of Europe had to grapple their way at breath-taking speed into the unknown territory of a market-oriented democratic social system, not really finding enough time and opportunities to deal with their own national identities or to come to terms with the developments of the 20th century. Today, nearly 30 years later, we find ourselves in the complex process of European unification, and it poses a great challenge to all the nations of Europe. While the Eastern European states struggle for their place, identity and a voice within Europe, Western European countries seemingly are puzzled about the motives driving the actions of the Eastern European states. This exhibition attempts to discuss the Eastern Europe’s view of Europe, wants to put forth Eastern European perspectives and strives to reach an open discourse, in particular in view of the current crisis and war situation in Europe.


Part 2

EMMA – Creative Center

21.10. – 19.11.2023

In the post-war period, Polish poster art gained international fame as the so-called “Polish School”. The artists who created these posters for theatre, films, or cultural events enjoyed great artistic freedom and developed new, highly diversified forms of expression. Simultaneously, the works reflect Polands’ zeitgeist of the era and the eventful Polish history. From October 21 until November 19, 2023, an exhibition of posters by Polish artists will open its doors at EMMA – Kreativzentrum Pforzheim in cooperation with the Dydo Gallery, escorting the exhibition “Nothing New in the East” at the A.K.T. in Pforzheim. This event presents posters by Polish artists such as Franciszek Starowieyski, Jan Sawka, Jan Lenica, Waldemar Świerzy, Lipiński Eryk, Pągowski Andrzej or Tomaszewski Henryk, displaying not only works of the Polish School but also contemporary posters from last century’s fifties until present.

artistic direction: Janusz Czech, Lisa Schlenker (assistance ), Co-Curator: Thomas Olze

Opening hours: Fri 2pm-7pm, Sat 2pm-10pm, Sun 11am-7pm


AI-controlled tools such as CHATGPT, Midjourney & Co are currently significantly influencing and changing the everyday working lives, in particular, those of creative professionals. But which of the many applications and programs are useful and for what purpose can they be used? At Creative After Work on 22.11.2023 at 7 pm at EMMA – Kreativzentrum Pforzheim, Benjamin Bertram will give an overview of the most important tools and show which traditional techniques of creative processes are supported by AI-controlled applications and how they can be used to optimize workflows. Among other things, he discusses Text2Text such as ChatGPT, Text2Code (ChatGPT Compiler), Text2Image/Image2Image (Stable Diffusion or Midjourney) or text2video (e.g. Pikalabs or RunwayML).

Benjamin Bertram (*1986, Steinfurt) has been working as an illustrator for ten years and discovered his enthusiasm for AI five years ago. This has led to his role as a curator and mediator for generative AI. Benjamin Bertram regularly gives workshops for the creative industry with a strong focus on image-generating algorithms. With the start-up “Cogniwerk”, he focuses on models with extended control options and a multimodal platform. In the constantly growing generative world of AI, Cogniwerk sees its task as designing and moderating these tools in a meaningful way.

Afterwards there will be music by Firat Yildiz, snacks and cool drinks.

Date: 22.11.2023

Time: 7 pm

Place: EMMA – Creative Center

25.11. – 26.11.2023

In the atmospheric setting of the EMMA – Kreativzentrum Pforzheim, a former art nouveau bath, the Schöne Bescherung design market presents high-quality Christmas gifts. Design labels from Pforzheim and the region offer handmade jewelry, fashion, bags, home accessories, ceramics and stationery at this beautiful Christmas market. This year, Schöne Bescherung will once again take place over one weekend, on 25 & 26.11.2023.

Date: 25.11. – 26.11.2023

Time: 11 am – 6 pm

place: EMMA – Creative Center