Playground hazards

“In the project “playground Hazards” I wanted to work with a person’s feelings from social pressure and the stages of growing up, when you are looking for your identity and feel that all roles in society are already distributed. Objects that were built on the principle of a large plush toy – the first things through which a child learns the world and learns its rules, resemble an airbag and interact with the human body. A person in these objects begins to feel his body differently, bending unnaturally and feeling the load of the toy. The main idea was to create a construction set for adults that revives the old sensations. In the installation, which is an integral part of the project, I wanted to create a space for safe play and self-awareness, but with a twofold feeling that all objects for the game are unstable and you are in a kind of restrictive zone.” Marina Aleksashina, June 2021


The 3D animations are a collaboration with @Charobay

Marina Aleksashina

The fashion designer Marina Aleksashina from Russia does not only want to create pure design objects, but also tells stories and deals with social issues in her collections. During her scholarship, she wants to explore the imposition of roles and the transmission of expectations through clothing, combining attributes from military clothing and carnival costumes that children use to dress up as adults: “I see my project as a work at the intersection of fashion and contemporary art that tells a story of growing up and playing with the change in our roles and expectations,” says Marina Aleksashina about her plan. Her collection is based on the feeling of a child discovering for the first time something strange and peculiar from the world of adults. At the end of the three months, she wants to present her work in the form of an installation, a video and animations.