Transparent feels

In her bachelor´s degree, she developed a process for freezing movements of the body and imitating the shapes of motions by soldering small metal parts of pure silver and combining them with metal textile techniques. In her project “Transparent feels” she continued her bachelor project, with the fingers as the source of portraying emotions. She arranged and played with their composition, choreographically, thus creating a series of small, yet powerful jewellery signifying the strong emotions she experienced in the three months of the scholarship.

Avital Chalemsky

Avital Chalemsky was born in 1991 in Jerusalem, Israel. In 2017 she graduated from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, during her studies she received the “Romi Shapiro” Prize for Judaica. Avital Chalemsky took part in the International Graduate Show of “Marzee gallary” in Nijmagan, Netherlands, as well as in the “Silver Festival” at gallery of Art in Legnica, Poland.