Glue in Reality, The (new) constellation

What shapes does faith take nowadays? And where to look for the share of religion in modern lifestyle? Together with Tina Kult and Timea Strott she is forming the art collective “The (new) constellation” that is investigating these question in an artistic way. Their project “Glue in Reality” observes the state of our time and gives a platform to think about new spirituality. Thanks to the Internet, one can see specific trends rising. They are concerning how we organise our daily life from eating choices to beauty treatments, or the privacy of our online activities. To create the new archetype of faith, the project combines Augmented Reality (AR), fashion and multimedia-installation and forms a specific impression into the rituals and stories of our daily acting: The Gluten Shaman, the Anti-Ageing Prophet or the Divine Data-Soul are the spiritual leaders gathered in the virtual world of Glue in Reality.

Ágnes Várnai

Ágnes Várnai was born in 1990 in Dunaújváros, Hungary. She studied fashion design at University of Applied Arts in Vienna under the professorship of Bernhard Willhelm and Hussein Chalayan. During her studies, she participated in several exhibitions and fashion shows and worked as designer assistant in the Chalayan Studio in London. In 2014, she received the Rondo Vöslauer Fashion Award and the Swarovski Award. Today she lives and works in Vienna.